Week 2 Reflection


My highlight of the week was Art because we made bracelets. We made it  with wool and straws. It was realy cool. I was the first one to finsh then I went to help my friends. I rate my week a 9 out of 10 because Miss Bennett came back to school, she was not at school because she hammered her hand. I am excited and nerveous about my China application because I did not get in last year so hopefully I get in this year.

I am also excited about Zooper Dooper Day today! I have $4 to spend on them and they are a $1 each.  On Tuesday I brought my 5 week old puppy in to school. I liked choir this week because we are getting ready to go to an old people’s home. I am  excited about Bike Ed and swimming because it is coming up really soon  in November.  I would like to know more about Alitteration and Assonance because I do not know much about it.


Reflection – Week 1 term 4

My highlight of the week is doing our class goals. My class goal was to ask for help when I need it.

I leant what expanded notation. For example 6000  + 500 + 60 + 1 = 6561

I don’t have a lowlight for this week because I had a good week.

My rating for this week would be a 10 / 10 week for me because I had a good feeling and it was fun.

I wonder when we will start bike ed ? Because I love riding bikes.

I am looking forward to swimming this term because I love swimming.


From Melea


This week

My favorite thing about this week was Art because we made Father’s Day cards.

I am looking forward to the class party, the movie we are watching  is Pixels. We are having hot chips for lunch and also LOLLIES.

I am also looking forward to the Father’s Day stall today.

Happy birthday to my favorite friend Alanna for Monday.

I hope you have a great time Miss Bennett  see you next term.

Overall I rate this week a 9/10

This Week

Hi everyone

My favouite thing was going to the Kinder because we got to make a bird box.

I learnt how to crochet at lunch time.

I want to learnt more about paper machet in art.

Something important I need to share about this week I got a solo part in the circus.

I rate this week: 8 /10 because  we went to the kinder and made a bird box.


From Melea



School Production

What is it:

Odd Socks Circus


Monday Sepember 11th at 7:30pm


Ulumbarra Theatre


 Tickes went on sale on the 4th of July and get them from  the tickes box at the Ulumbarra Theartreby calling 54346100 or online at http://www.gotix.com.au


For Fun

What is there:


Devil sticks




Plate spining






Tight rope walking





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